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Advance Air and Heat is a full-service family-owned HVAC, Refrigeration and Building Automation contractor. Full service means that with us, you can have happy employees, tenants and turnips all while maintaining a healthy bottom line for your business. We specialize in helping you solve your HVAC, refrigeration and control issues in a way that is environmentally friendly, economical and makes sense for your individual needs. Since 1986 we've served Southeastern Mass, Cape Cod and Rhode Island commercial, industrial, public and non-profit clients with integrity and pride. Advance Air is proud to be certified as a GREEN business and hopes to soon be certified as a Women-Owned Business.

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  • [July 2, 2015]

    This is NOT Your Father’s HVACR Industry

    A few weeks ago, I was asked to write an article for a special Women in HVACR edition of the HVACR Distribution Business Magazine. Talk about flattered! I was speechless. Giddy. And FREAKED OUT. See, [Read more...]

    [June 25, 2015]

    Proper HVAC Maintenance is More than a Filter Change

    Filters are VERY important. Dirty filters responsible for a ridiculously high volume of totally avoidable service calls. They restrict airflow and cause unit damage if left clogged long enough. So, please don’t ignore your filters. [Read more...]

    [June 17, 2015]

    Air Conditioning Limbo - How Low Can You Go?

    We can’t seem to help ourselves. We push the elevator button even though it’s already lit. It's the same thing with the thermostat. We crank the thermostat down to arctic temperatures in the hopes that it [Read more...]

    [June 11, 2015]

    Choosing an Ice Machine

    Choosing the right ice machine for your business isn’t a difficult task. A few brief calculations and a bit of jargon is all you need to know. By the time you’re done reading this article, [Read more...]

    [May 28, 2015]

    How to Avoid Ice Cream Headaches (aka Brain Freeze)

    As summer approaches, I could write about ways to avoid heat exhaustion, protecting yourself from the damaging rays of the sun or a plethora of other super-important potentially life-saving info. But that’s not what I’m [Read more...]

24 Hour Emergency Service
We're there whenever you need us.

No one wants to wait for their service company to arrive. If you're not happy with the response time you're getting with your existing contractor, it's time to find one who values your business as much as you do. 

Hint: that’s US.
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Preventative Maintenance 
Saves you money and extends the life of your units!

Studies show that Preventive Maintenance saves money in energy efficiency, fewer emergency service calls and extends the life of your HVAC and refrigeration units.  
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Refrigeration Service
Service faster than you can say “thaw”.

Waiting for your Refrigeration tech is simply not an option in the food industry. You need your systems to work properly or you lose product. And your product is your livelihood. As your partner, we understand that when you grow and succeed, we grow and succeed with you.
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Building Automation and Energy Services
We offer FREE monitoring service!

Whether you want to schedule holidays from your phone, reduce energy usage, improve tenant comfort, get precise humidity controls for your cheese, or just make sure your pipes don’t freeze, we will find the best fit for your controls needs and your budget.
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New or Replacement HVAC Equipment
We’re not done until it’s done right.

We've all been there, puzzling over quotes from several contractors, trying to decide who to trust with your equipment, your building, your money. If you want to make sure the job gets done right, up to code and will last for years and years, we’re your contractor.
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