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Advance Air and Heat is a family owned full-service commercial HVAC, Refrigeration and Building Automation contractor. Full service means that with us, you can have happy employees, tenants and turnips all while maintaining a healthy bottom line for your business. We specialize in helping you solve your commercial HVAC, refrigeration and control issues in a way that is environmentally friendly, economical and makes sense for your individual needs. Since 1986 we've served Massachusetts, Cape Cod and Rhode Island commercial, industrial, public and non-profit clients with integrity and pride.

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    [October 22, 2015]

    What is an ECM Motor?

    Several of us were discussing ECM motors in the office the other day. Yeah, we have weird water cooler conversations like that. The general consensus was that although we were familiar with the concept behind [Read more...]

    [October 15, 2015]

    Hello Refrigeration, Bye Bye Melted Ice Cream

    If we didn't have a way to keep things cold, we would never have created ice cream. The earliest pioneers of ice cream had to do it in cold caves. We now do it with [Read more...]

    [October 8, 2015]

    SouthCoast Young Professionals Network and Work-Life Balance

    I was recently asked to be part of a panel of business leaders for the New Bedford Chamber of Commerce’s South Coast Young Professionals Network (SCYPN). I was completely flattered to be asked, not only as [Read more...]

    [September 24, 2015]

    Why Do HVAC Preventive Maintenance?

    This is a question I get a lot, so I think it's appropriate to revisit it now, just before the winter heating maintenance season really gets rolling. If you're considering skipping maintenance this year, there's a [Read more...]

    [September 4, 2015]

    Energy Recovery Units - What's Behind the Wheel?

    I recently got a phone call from a Facility Manager who had found my blog about Energy Recovery Units online (Wahoo! I came up on Google, baby!). He had a great follow up question that [Read more...]

    [August 27, 2015]

    Adventures in the Azores

    I have not been out of the country since my honeymoon in Jamaica in 1997, so when we were asked to join my husband’s siblings on a trip to the Azores to visit Terceira, the island [Read more...]

    [July 30, 2015]

    Common Problems with Ice Machines and Refrigerators

    If you're opening a restaurant for the first time, you may be unaware of the problems that can arise over time with refrigerators and ice machines. Both types of machines are pretty similar in design, [Read more...]

    [July 29, 2015]

    Internet Wizardry and the Wonderful World of Blogging

    This week is the fifth anniversary of the very first blog I ever wrote. I started blogging because the Internet Wizards said that blogging is the easiest ways to keep fresh content posting to your website. [Read more...]

    [July 23, 2015]

    Finding a Bra Compliant with Arc Flash Safety #GirlProblems

    It’s not easy finding effective safety equipment, especially if you are a woman. I’ve done a little research to see what’s out there and came up with some good options for general safety-wear, but I [Read more...]

    [July 16, 2015]

    A Night Out in Historic Downtown New Bedford

    If you haven’t been to Downtown New Bedford in a while, it’s time to take a walk around. Don’t wear heels though, the cobblestones will kill ya. I know the ladies like heels, but the [Read more...]

    [July 8, 2015]

    Loss of a Strong Woman

    My Aunt Diana passed away on July 4th. She was quietly, unobtrusively, but undeniably a bad-ass woman. Though, as common in many families, I only really saw her at holidays and major family functions, she [Read more...]

    [July 2, 2015]

    This is NOT Your Father’s HVACR Industry

    A few weeks ago, I was asked to write an article for a special Women in HVACR edition of the HVACR Distribution Business Magazine. Talk about flattered! I was speechless. Giddy. And FREAKED OUT. See, [Read more...]

    [June 25, 2015]

    Proper HVAC Maintenance is More than a Filter Change

    Filters are VERY important. Dirty filters responsible for a ridiculously high volume of totally avoidable service calls. They restrict airflow and cause unit damage if left clogged long enough. So, please don’t ignore your filters. [Read more...]

    [June 17, 2015]

    Air Conditioning Limbo - How Low Can You Go?

    We can’t seem to help ourselves. We push the elevator button even though it’s already lit. It's the same thing with the thermostat. We crank the thermostat down to arctic temperatures in the hopes that it [Read more...]

    [June 11, 2015]

    Choosing an Ice Machine

    Choosing the right ice machine for your business isn’t a difficult task. A few brief calculations and a bit of jargon is all you need to know. By the time you’re done reading this article, [Read more...]

    [May 28, 2015]

    How to Avoid Ice Cream Headaches (aka Brain Freeze)

    As summer approaches, I could write about ways to avoid heat exhaustion, protecting yourself from the damaging rays of the sun or a plethora of other super-important potentially life-saving info. But that’s not what I’m [Read more...]

    [May 20, 2015]

    Ice Machine Maintenance Tips

    ‬Ice is vital to every restaurant in America. We use it to cool drinks, buffet tables, and help prepare certain foods in the kitchen. That’s why it’s important to keep your ice machine in good [Read more...]

    [May 14, 2015]

    A Sense of Community and the Joy of Wearing a Tiara

    Last week I attended the SouthCoast Women’s Forum, the Black & White Gala for the Global Learning Charter School, and the Women’s Fund Tiara 5K. Whew! I’m exhausted! It really was exhausting, but at the [Read more...]

    [May 7, 2015]

    Happy Mother's Day!

    When I started to write this blog in honor of my Mom for Mother’s Day, I started to get all emotional and teary-eyed (which, by the way, is a trait I get from my Mom). [Read more...]

    [April 30, 2015]

    Troubleshooting an HVAC Unit is Like Hunting a Serial Killer

    It can be argued that I watch too many cop shows. I love a little forensic evidence, a good mystery and a whopping plot twist to fill out my evenings. It was during one of these [Read more...]

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